Host an #ImpeachTrump event!

Thank you for stepping up to host an #ImpeachTrump: Act to Defend Democracy event to join the call for an immediate impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump.

Creating an event is easy! Just fill out the form below to begin. Before your event can go live, you will also need to confirm your event by responding to an automated email we'll send to you.  

The #ImpeachTrump Day of Action is taking place on Saturday, June 15. While hosts are encouraged to hold events on Saturday if possible, events scheduled one day earlier or later, Friday, June 14, and Sunday Jun 16, will also be accepted. We want to make sure that folks consider scheduling around important local events, such as Pride celebrations. 

All events will be family-friendly, nonviolent, and legal. We want as many people as possible to feel comfortable attending these events. 

Events will vary greatly under the leadership of local hosts, but they will be united by three factors: They will be VISIBLE, EDUCATIONAL, and involve CONTACTING CONGRESS. We want to be seen by and convey urgency to the people who can lead an impeachment inquiry in the House, and we want to equip our supporters with the information they need to be effective advocates.

Events will be in public spaces and be visible to your community. They will explore what impeachment means, the grounds for it, why Congress must act, and what the process looks like (think of them as "impeach-ins"—a series of teach-ins on impeachment).

And they will involve contacting Congress through at least one of four methods: inviting them to attend and speak, posting photos to your member of Congress on social media, having attendees leave voicemails during the event, or arranging a petition delivery to their district office in the following days.

Equally important, events will allow you to identify people in your community interested in learning more about impeachment and taking action after the event to advance it. Remember, we build power by building a strong core of people who are active before and after our large-scale events. As a result, the emphasis will be on cultivating and empowering an effective body for pressuring Congress, rather than orchestrating a mega-march in your community. The Host Guide offers more detail to help you plan your event.

We will also be intentionally amplifying the voices of people who are feeling most acutely the violence that Donald Trump is doing to our country and communities—including communities of color, immigrants, LGBTQ+ community members, and women—supporting hosts from these communities or encouraging hosts to reach out to partner groups whose members are on the front lines of Trump’s attacks.

While 1 p.m. local time is the default time for events to begin, hosts should set a time that is appropriate for the event. A flash mob might make most sense at noon, and an outdoor film screening will probably work best in the evening. If you do not yet know the exact time of your event, please go ahead and schedule the event for a time you are likely to hold the event and update the event details when you confirm your plan.

Before creating an event, please check the map for nearby events that already exist. If an event already exists near you, please consider attending that event or offering to help organize it rather than creating your own. You can contact an existing event host to offer assistance after RSVPing to the event. That person can add attendees as co-hosts if they are able to offer additional organizing support.

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